• DAY 1 - Meeting, briefing and sailing

    • Let’s meet on São Miguel Island at the bar Baia dos Anjos located in Marina Portas do Mar, Ponta Delgada at 11:00 am.
    • Check-in at our boat, talk about safety and have a live-aboard briefing. Settle aboard, have lunch and discuss the plan for the next 2 or 3 days according to the weather.
    • In the Afternoon we will sail to Vila Franca do Campo 11NM along the coast of São Miguel.
  • DAY 2 to 8 - Explore the Azores Archipelago

    “The answer my friend… is blowing in the wind”

    Check-in at São Miguel, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial islands during your trip.

    Feel the freedom of living on a sailing boat, being able to move around the islands without constant packing and unpacking and follow what the weather, local events, and activities can offer you. Be adventurous!!

    Sail during the day and during the night, hike a volcano, explore a cave, swim, snorkel or paddle in pristine waters, meet whales, dolphins, turtles, and birds listening to great music or to nature.

    Enjoy LIFE!

  • DAY 9 - Arrival at São Miguel Island

    • We will enjoy our last sailing day of this journey heading back to Ponta Delgada on São Miguel Island.
    • Later in the day, we will go for a moment of pure relaxation in a hot water natural spring in Furnas Valley in order to finish your SAIL trip ZEN!
    • With our last dinner together we will remember, discuss and laugh about the highlights of our trip and share contacts and pictures.
  • DAY 10 - Share hugs and kisses


    • Breakfast aboard followed by disembarkation at 10:00 am.


  • 9 nights accommodation aboard + two sets of bed linen and bathing towel
  • 2 Professional Crew aboard - Captain and Cook / Stewardess
  • Half board (2 meals per day + snacks and non-alcoholic drinks aboard)
  • Port Authority, Marinas, showers and any other logistic fees
  • Toys: SUP paddle board, hammocks, fishing & snorkelling gear, dinghy with outboard engine and musical instruments
  • Your crew will be personal guides when ashore
  • Port authority, marina and any other logistic fees
  • Diesel, gasoline for the dinghy, water and electricity for the boat
  • WIFI when nearby the coast line
  • Sail, Swim, Marine Life, Hike, Cultural Festivities, Good Music and Food around the Islands guaranteed!
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