Azores sailing adventure trips

Feel the freedom of following the wind

When we leave the port, you will see the different shades of blue between the ocean and the sky. The stars, the moon and the sun with the sails above you. Nothing but time to dive into the wilderness and relax.


Crewed yacht charter

Professional captain and cook/mate

Our priority is to guide you safely around the islands and experience this adventure in a familiar environment. As we remain professionals, we do everything we can to provide you with an enjoyable experience at sea and on land.


Private trips & Expeditions

Explore the Islands at your own rhythm

Our crew will guide you safely to achieve your goal, either you are a family with children, a group of friends looking for fun or a group of professionals looking for wildlife photography, marine conservation or scientific projects.

Shared trips & Cabin charter

Multi-cultural sailing adventure

When you join a shared trip, you are ready to meet other like-minded travelers who enjoy sailing together, adventure, sensitivity to wildlife and respect for nature. Join them alone or with friends.

10 Days sailing adventure video

Eco-friendly island hopping holiday

Azores sustainable tourism destination

Our trips are filled with positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere. In a unique harmony with nature, this is an experience that refreshes your soul and “recharges your batteries”. A balance between full adrenaline and pure relaxation surrounded by the ocean, where dolphins, whales, turtles, mantas, sharks and other species live together in a rich ecosystem.

Visit us in the Azores or Atlantic Tour

Cruises, Long Passages & Atlantic Crossing

Our base is located in the Azores where we spend every summer season. In November 2021 we will leave for an Atlantic Tour and offer multiple-days sailing trips in Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cabo Verde, the Caribbean and Bermuda. You will also have the opportunity to sail with us during the long passages between these destinations.

Why would you join us sailing?

SailZen reviews & testimonials

You can read more reviews at Google Business, Facebook or Trip Advisor to get to know what our wonderful passengers have shared about their experiences during our trips.

An incredible trip with a wonderful team. An incredible trip with a wonderful team. Travel during this pandemic was never going to be straightforward, and we had a few hiccups along the way, including a few of our friends finding themselves unable to travel. SailZen were remarkably accommodating and helpful; with some creative solutions we were ultimately able to sail and had an amazing trip. This was my first time in the Azores and I would highly recommend visiting; the marine life is simply incredible and there is so much to do. I would also highly recommend sailing with SailZen as a great way to explore the islands. Our Skipper was wonderful - very knowledgeable and a great teacher! I look forward to next year's sailing trip :)
Best Sailing trip ever! Captain Andre was really calm and made the sailing really enjoyable and his girlfriend Rita is the best cook ever. We had a great time sailing and being off the boat, exploring the islands. We been really happy to be on the boat of SailZen and look forward to Sail with them soon again. Thanks for the amazing time!
Lukas S
Lukas S
Awesome Best sailing trip I ever had. Beautiful location, but Andre and Rita are the ones which make the trip awesome. Rita is a great cook, Andre is a very experienced captain who will teach you calmly all the theory and skills you need. You can really notice that he has alway been a professional Captain. We even made it to Princess Alice Banks... Amazing!!! 2022 Trip with Sailzen is already planned!
Christopher S
Christopher S
Croisière 2020 malgré le COVID-19 c’est possible Test négatif à l’arrivée aux Açores et un nouveau test à refaire durant la semaine montre le sérieux et l’Amour du pays où les gens se respectent. André le skipper, natif des Açores, nous a emmenés avec son enthousiasme et sa bonne humeur, visiter les îles à bord du voilier. Parlant parfaitement le français, il est toujours prévenant et à l’écoute de ces hôtes alors n’hésitez plus le voyage est magnifique. André nous a fait découvrir ce qu’il aime le plus, le voilier, la mer et son pays. Rita vous cuisinera des petits plats avec les produits locaux avec amour. Que du bonheur. Merci pour cette magnifique Aventure.
Inoubliable ! Avant tout, une belle rencontre avec André & Rita, chaleureux et généreux envers leurs hôtes. Et également une croisière magique, pleine de belles découvertes, de moments de détente et de rires. Rita est un vrai cordon bleu (= excellente cuisinière) et André se coupe en 4 pour faire plaisir à chacun. Bref, le bonheur, quoi !!
Sabine D
Sabine D