Our Sailboat

Navigate with safety, performance & comfort

Our sailboat Irró, overhauled and optimized by us, is a 14.75 m long and 4.30 m wide cutter rig sloop. Designed by the French naval architect Sylvestre Langevin and built by Chantier Gilles Voisin, their experience and reputation definitely guarantee our safety on board.

Robust & trustable yacht

We can go anywhere

Due to our oceanic routes, we decided to have an aluminum hull once is extremely strong and light. As an expedition type, our boat is ready to explore any area of the world with confidence. Since we have a lifting keel, we can explore shallow anchorages and tiny docks that would normally cause problems.


Comfortable & Spacious

It is easy to feel at home

A large saloon with a fully equipped galley, consisting of 2 double cabins in the stern, 1 double V-cabin in the bow, two additional single berths in the saloon, 2 heads with toilet and washbasin, a separate shower room, an external hot water shower and a technical room.

Technically Sustainable

Solar energy & power generator

By having a solar power plant and a wind generator at the stern of our sailboat, we can reduce the need to use fossil fuels during our trips. At the same time, we have a 5.5kW 220V generator on board to ensure the total sustainability of our trips.


A playground of toys

All toys are available and free for use

We carry two SUP paddleboards, a wing foil, snorkeling equipment and different sizes of fins, a dinghy with a 5 hp engine, fishing equipment, books, table games, hammocks and even musical instruments so that you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

Cutter rig sailing yacht

Rigging and Sails

Our sailboat is equipped with a fully battened mainsail, a 150% furling genoa, a furling staysail supported by running backstays and a symmetrical spinnaker for cruising. For the Atlantic crossings, we carry a storm jib and a storm mainsail to ensure that we are prepared for any weather conditions.


History of “ Irró ”

Giving a second life to a sailboat

We met “Irró” on Horta Marina in June 2019 during one of our trips, when a friend of mine pointed her at me when I asked him: ” Ei João, don’t you know a good sailboat for SailZen?” and he pointed “That one! You have a yacht there to go anywhere in the world.”


Quickly I ran into the boat and felt the click that whispered, “This is the boat I have been researching intensively all over the world for the past two years”. Considering the condition, furnishings, and high-quality materials used in its construction, we quickly fell into the dream that this was the perfect project for us.

After some visits and negotiations, we finally bought “Irró” in December 2019 when the purchase contract was signed in Antarctica as we were engaged on an expedition down that awesome continent at the time.


We give a second life to a sailboat that was built with a lot of love, dedication and care. The Swiss “father” of this creation built the interior himself under the supervision of the naval architect, using high-quality materials.  This Sir dedicated 6 years of his life to this amazing project which made us even safer, prouder and happier to embrace this concept and apply our dedication and knowledge to this amazing yacht.


Thanks to our professional experience we were able to manage the complete conversion, which took place in April 2020 to June 2021 while covid 19 locked us down inside it. We have renovated and optimized to provide the perfect platform for our needs around the Atlantic Ocean, whether it be for holiday travel, expedition trips or pedagogic trips. Still, nowadays we keep upgrading her at no look for cost but for better performance and comfort maintaining her to the highest standards of the yachting industry.


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