The goal of SailZen is to offer the best yacht charter in the Azores

Happily serving you since 2018


Our concept has filtered experience and combined know-how to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey between a professional crew and passengers. Under the motto “go where the wind will take you…”, we are happy to follow the weather conditions and set our routes accordingly to offer our sailors the most amazing sailing trips.


Surely we dedicate our lives to surprise positively our passengers, especially because we enjoy seeing happiness reflected on their faces, and therefore we plan to share the sailing feeling with others for the rest of our lives.


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Our Mission

Offer the best yacht charter service

We really enjoy making new friends on board and taking part in the activities, while remaining a professional crew and providing a high level of service all the time.



Connect people with nature

We love to discuss and share awareness about environmental responsibility, sustainable tourism, marine conservation and possible solutions to support the earth.


Involve Local Communities

We work primarily with local companies or individuals, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, artists and often friends to support our supply and the demands of our customers.



Reduce Carbon Footprint

We enjoy the wind that blows in our sails to travel silently between the islands without constantly burning flammable liquids to get from A to B.

Give a new life to a boat

By retrofitting an abandoned boat, we have recycled an existing yacht and are modernizing it to meet our needs and comfort and avoid building another yacht for the planet.



A fair price for our passengers

We offer affordable travel when it comes to value for money compared to the yacht charter industry by providing service, support and toys with no hidden costs.


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Ana Ferreira